Netgear EAX18 Setup | Nighthawk AX1750 Setup

Do you want to improve your current wireless network so you can browse the internet from anywhere in your home? The Netgear EAX18 setup may be the best choice for you.

There are three ways to expand your present wireless network:

  • Press the WPS button.
  • By going to the mywifiext net setup website.
  • By using the Netgear Nighthawk extender setup application.

Netgear EAX18 Setup | AX1750 : WPS Method

  • Turn on the WiFi range extender, Nighthawk EAX18.
  • Hold on until the solid green power LED light turns on.
  • Connect the Netgear extender to the router that already exists.
  • On the EAX18 extender, look for the WPS button at the bottom.
  • Once located, cautiously press the button.
  • Move the Netgear extender to a different spot.
  • Connect your laptop or PC to the expanded network now.

Netgear Nighthawk EAX18 Manual Setup

  • Turn on the WiFi extender, Netgear AX1750 EAX18.
  • Connect the WiFi devices to a wall socket.
  • Until and unless the power LED turns solid green, continue to move forward.
  • Use a cable to link the extender and router.
  • Open a browser on your laptop or computer, then navigate to the MyWifiext website.
  • You will see the Netgear extender login page on your screen.
  • Enter the default administrator passwords in the relevant sections.
  • To join the current WiFi network, follow the instructions on the Basic Home page.


Note: If you need any assistance regarding your Netgear wifi extender, get in touch with us via the chat button you see on the bottom right corner of this page.

Common Netgear EAX18 Setup Issues

  • Mywifiext net setup fails to work. Problems with WiFi connectivity
  • The WiFi extender is not linked to the internet.
  • The password for is incorrect.
  • unable to access mywifiext net login
  • incorrect configuration CD.
  • There is no way to get to MyWifiext.local
  • unable to upgrade the extender’s firmware


  • MyWifiext won’t launch
  • Forgot the extender’s default password?
  • The red light on the WiFi extender is on.
  • Not able to reset to factory defaults
  • There is a problem with the WiFi extender.
  • The extender’s network name cannot be changed.
  • The WiFi extender isn’t making an internet connection.


Troubleshooting Netgear Nighthawk AX1750 EAX18 Setup Issues

  • Make sure the Netgear Nighthawk AX1750 EAX18 is connected to receive power correctly.
  • Check that the extender is positioned within your router’s Wi-Fi coverage area.
  • Make sure the router is providing a steady internet connection to the extender.
  • Verify again that the login information you entered during setup matches the setup of your network.
  • Try to reset the extender to its factory settings and adjust the setup process.
  • In the event that problems continue, get in touch with Netgear support.


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Netgear EAX18 Setup Using Nighthawk App

  • Open the app store on your device, download the Nighthawk app, and install it.
  • Start the app and follow the on-screen instructions to create a new Netgear account or sign in using an existing one.
  • Turn on the Netgear EAX18 extender and watch for an improvement in the LED lights.
  • Select “Add a device” in the Nighthawk app, then follow the on-screen directions to find and join the Wi-Fi network of the EAX18 extender.
  • After connecting, configure the extender for your current Wi-Fi network by following the app’s guided setup instructions.


Nighthawk AX1750 EAX18 Firmware Update

  • Turn on your Netgear AX1750 EAX18 extender by turning on the power.
  • Go to mywifiext net login to log into your WiFi range extender.
  • Go to the Settings menu in the upper-right corner.
  • Select the Firmware Update option for the Netgear Extender.
  • Select the Yes option to see if there are any available firmware updates.
  • You now need to give your EAX18 WiFi extender a few seconds to update.


Netgear EAX18 WiFi Range Extender login

  • Connect your device to the “NETGEAR_EXT” WiFi connection on the extender.
  • In the address bar of an open web browser, type “ setup” or “”
  • Enter your password and username.
  • To finish the setup, follow the instructions shown on the screen.
  • You can change configurations, including Wi-Fi network names and passwords, after logging in.
Netgear EAX18 AX1750 Reset
  • On the Netgear EAX18 AX1750, find the reset button.
  • Hold down the reset button with a paperclip or other such device for approximately ten seconds.
  • When the LED lights begin to blink, release the reset button.
  • Wait for the reboot of the extender to return it to its normal factory settings.